Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hello Louise, Here is my testimonial about the spinecor brace; When I was 13 years old I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Scoliosis, with a curvature of 10 degrees. The doctors told me that a brace would not help me. As I grew older my curvature worsened. When I was 22 years old I had a curvature of 35 degrees. Again the doctors told me a brace would not help me. By this time I started to experience back pain. As time went on my curvature worsened and I became worried for my back pain became intolerable. I began to take action, I researched many weeks on the internet with my Mom for alternatives opposed to surgery. I was very surprised to see that the brace was in fact very successful and popular in treating patients suffering from Scoliosis, and in fact it was the best safest alternative treatment. Feeling betrayed and naive but at the same time hopeful that this information was about to change my life. When I came across Spinecor's website, I saw a picture of the Spinecor's brace. To my liking I saw how light it was and how easily it can be worn underneath clothing. This brace allowed to move freely and it is easily worn under clothing. I set up my appointment with Dr. Louise Marcotte, and traveled to Montréal, Quebec. I began my treatment with the Spinecor brace, with a degree curvature of 52 thoracic and 39 lumbar at the age of 29. The first month of wearing the brace was uncomfortable and painful. The pain was located in the same areas as before treatment. Louise told me that it was normal and will diminish with time. She was right, now I have little pain, and when I am not wearing the brace the pain returns. I have been wearing the brace for 9 months, and when I returned to have a follow up appointment to check my progress, I was happy to see positive results. After 9 months of wearing the brace my curvature moved to 45 thoracic and 32 lumbar. This news gives me incentive to stick to treatment and helps me cope with the pain. Before discovering the Spincor's brace I was lost and didn't want to consider surgery. Now I am optimistic and thankful that I have finally found a treatment that is safe and helps my pain and can correct my posture. Dr. Louise has been super she is very knowledgeable, and I am thankful that I met her and the Spinecorporation. My only regret is that I didn't know about Spinecor sooner. I wish that the health care system would be more open to alternative treatment like spinecor, and have doctors promote the use of this brace, so that adults like me have a choice other than surgery. Thank-you Spinecor. N.Z.

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