Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dear Sharon,
Thank you for your article you wrote on the spinecor. My 13 year old daughter suffered from constant scoliosis pain, like your son, and after lots of internet research landed on the spinecor brace- much to my orthopedic doctor's very emotional outburst against it. I actually had to do research to find out why he was so against it. It turns out, after many calls to others in the medical community here, that many are ill trained at how to apply it, therefore making the curve worse. So my doctor's rant may be somewhat justified if I were to get her fitted here in Grand Rapids. However one nurse made a comment that stuck with me-"most seem to have much better luck who go to Canada." Being raised to always go to the best for anything, my mind was made up. So now my daughter's curve is being successfully held at 13 degrees by her brace fitted by Drs. Coillard and Rivard. I'm know there are well trained "fitters" in the states, but that's just the path we took.

I met a mom on facebook whose daughter, I believe, was not fitted by someone well trained and her back did get significantly worse very quickly. So it is important to check that out.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for the article and let you know I'm using it to share with family and friends to best explain the spinecor. You did a great job explaining it! I hope your son still has relief from his pain. Any other things you find out that help, I'd love to hear about. (Have you looked into the med-x machine? I've been wondering about that. Its expensive though.)


Sharon's reply

HI Jennifer,
I'm so glad your daughter is doing well in the brace. The fitting is vital, so what you say make sense. Still, in spite of that, Dr. Rivard says there are always some cases that will get worse, even with the best fitting.

I'm happy for your daughter. I think you were smart going to Dr. RIvard. My son, as I explained in the article, was fitted by an excellent chiropractor in California, who was recommended by Dr. Rivard. My son still has no pain, and does not need to wear the brace anymore.

Thanks for your comments. I'm trying to start a scoliosis blog from my website, if you don't mind, I'm going to add your letter. The idea is to help inform other parents and scoliosis sufferers as they struggle to make their decision about treatment, especially in light of the medical professions often negative reaction to the brace, as you experienced.

Never heard of the med-x machine. Will have to check it out.

Thank you for writing. Good luck with the brace!
Sharon Dunn

Pain in 68 year old

On Sun, Nov 15, 2009 at 9:48 AM, Les wrote
My wife, age 68, has had scoliosis for a long time. Would a brace be helpful to her? If so, is there anywhere in Ontario where she could buy a brace; and have you any idea what such braces cost?
Thank you,

Sharon's reply
Hi Les,
if your wife is having pain, the brace could definitely help. I understand there is someone in Ontario who now fits the brace, but I think you should call Dr. Louise Marcotte in Montreal. She fits the adult brace for Dr. Rivard, the inventor, and is excellent. you could ask if she would recommend the Ontario fitter, otherwise, it might be worth a trip to Montreal for you and your wife..

The brace is around $3,000, but is covered by most insurance plans. Good luck.

Sharon Dunn